Access H&R Tax Services provides an easy and convenient way for all U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens to meet their U.S. income tax filing obligations.  We can help you understand the requirements and take advantage of the opportunities available.

Individuals from a wide variety of occupations have come to rely on our years of experience preparing returns outside the U.S. when their tax return filing involves the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credits, claiming itemizes deductions, and filing extensions, as well as having to file prior years' tax returns.

Our Tax Data Planner makes it easy for you to provide the information we need to get started, and the initial meeting to discuss your tax situation is FREE.  You can be assured your tax return will be prepared by a U.S. licensed Certified Public Accountant with experience preparing tax returns at "Big 4" firms.

At Access H&R Tax services you can count on your tax return being prepared quickly and accurately at a very competitive cost. We would be pleased to serve you.